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Capodistrias Museum

Center of Capodistrian Studies

The life of the leading figure of Corfiot Count Capodistrias, first Governor of Greece and senior European diplomat, unfolds here in a unique museum dedicated to his great Corfiot and Greek heritage, and impact on European politics of the 19th century. In “Koukouritsa”, the family estate of Kapodistrias in the middle of Corfu, we follow the path of his life, in a narration that starts from his childhood in Corfu and culminates in his assassination in Nafplio.

Be part of history

A breath away from Corfu Town, a modern, interactive museum awaits you.
A small museum, a great story…

συλλογή αντικειμένων μουσείου

The Collection

The life of I. Capodistrias, through personal, family and more items.

Εκπαιδευτικά Προγράμματα Μουσείου Καποδίστρια


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Οι Φίλοι Μουσείου

The Friends

The Friends Association supports the actions of the Museum

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