Friends of the Museum

The “Friends of the Capodistrias Museum” is a non-profit association aiming to provide social and material support to the Capodistrias Museum so that it can achieve its goals more effectively. The Friends seek to assist the Capodistrias Museum in achieving its goals as a cultural foundation situated at the european periphery. They also make efforts to provide financial assistance to the Museum’s activities in order for it to operate as a state-of-the-art museum and as a research center regarding the Capodistrian era.

Why become a Friend of the Capodistrias Museum?

Being a Friend of the Capodistrias Museum means that I can contribute to bring about the successful implementation of the Museum’s goals, knowing that I am supporting a small, peripheral museum in Corfu, with a great vision. The Museum is the only one dedicated to the life and legacy of Ioannis Capodistrias, the illustrious European diplomat and politician, whose career has been associated with the efforts to bring peace to post-Napoleonic Europe and the founding of the Greek state. It is housed in Koukouritsa, a traditional country house belonging to the Capodistrias family, surrounded by a beautiful garden, offering lovely views towards the sea, across to Epirus and Corfu town.

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