Koukouritsa over the years


The estate at Koukouritsa becomes linked with the families of Capodistrias and Loupinas
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The estate becomes property of Antonios – Maria Capodistrias
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Antonios – Maria Capodistrias opposes the Republican French, who have taken over Corfu, and the family settles in Koukouritsa for a while.
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The estate becomes property of Viaros Capodistrias, eldest son of Antonios – Maria
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Koukouritsa is inherited by Antonios – Maria Capodistrias (1829 – 1906), nephew of Viaros and son of Georgios Capodistrias.
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Antonios Capodistrias bequeaths his estate to his children.
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Maria Capodistria, daughter of Georgios, settles in Koukouritsa
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Maria Capodistria – Desylla donates the estate and the home at Koukouritsa for the purpose of creating the Capodistrias Museum.
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Capodistrias Museum – Center for Capodistrian Studies is established in 1981.
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In 1995, upon resolution by the Greek Ministry of Culture, Koukouritsa is declared an historical listed monument.
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The new Capodistrias Museum in Koukouritsa is now open to the public.
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Koukouritsa: At the Governor’s home

The Museum is housed in Koukouritsa, the family estate that accommodates, in its grounds, the country home of Capodistrias, set in the middle of Corfu. This is where Ioannis Capodistrias lived for a period of time, during his years of youth in Corfu.

The country home in Koukouritsa is a typical architectural example of a Corfiot country home; it was built in the 18th century and took its final form in the 20th century, during the Interwar Period.

The building is set amidst a garden that stretches over an area of 13.000 m2. The beauty and fresh air offered by this lush garden, along with its cobbled pathways and the amazing view towards the sea, the mountains of Epirus and the city of Corfu, make every visit to the exhibition or to a Museum event a completely unique experience.

In 1995, the Greek Ministry of Culture declared Koukouritsa to be a Historical Listed Monument, on the basis that this country Ionian manor and the surrounding area create a synthesis of absolute harmony between natural and man-made beauty.